First release candidate is in pre-release as of now:

Here is what I can tell you currently:1. A windows miner is being prepared.2. Nodes are being worked on to become stratum-ready (a step towards pools).3. The blockchain explorer is almost ready.3. Miner optimization is considered. Cuckoo cycle is different than other mining algos and significant optimizations are harder to achieve. The team is deliberating on what can be done.Also, I know that the focus of the dev team will now be on making the software more accessible/clear to users.
Its now possible to store your AE on a Ledger Nano S
Don't forget that æternity's Second Public Developer Hangout is tomorrow - Feb 20th! Come talk to the core dev and æpps teams and ask all your questions! Tune in here at 5.30 PM CET -

⚠️There is no airdrop/bounty or airdrop bot running!!!⚠️⚠️Keep your information safe, dont EVER share private keys or mnemic phrase!⚠️
#aeternity's #aembassadors are organizing #decentralized Hackathons all around the world this weekend 🤓👏😋This is your last chance to get to #Starfleet - the winners will have the possibility to attend the Genesis Week.Get the details & signup here:
The third Public #developer Hangout is happening this Wednesday!Save the date - March 6th, 11:30 AM CET, and come talk directly with #aeternity core and #aepps developers 🙃🤓Ask all your questions in advance here: Please vote for Aeternity on this twitter post

BRI votes are counted somewhat strange. A 0% vote isn't measured in the BRI rate, the only votes that count towards the BRI rate are the positive votes. (strange right) If you are one of the people that voted against, no mather for what reason. you might want to change your vote to 1%.This is the only way to lower the BRI rate.changing a 100k AE vote from 0% to 1% will lower the weighted BRI rate by 0.25% (its at 13.24% now)

Current results of the votes:0 =>34.19 %1-5 =>24.85 %5-10 =>1.13 %10-15 =>5.43 %>15 =>34.41 %These percentages count towards a BRI of 13.24% whilest the mayority of votes is clearly below 5%Almost a whopping 60% of all votes is below

IMPORTANT: All AE token users must migrate their AE tokens to the Mainnet before September 2 when the smart contract that manages all Ethereum AE tokens will expire.

This Channel is for sale, contact @SchultenBrau for more information.(This is not an official channel but a community effort. Although offered, Aeternity didn't want to help maintain this channel)

#AE's #aembassadors network is getting larger and stronger 😎🤗You'll have the chance to meet many of them at the…