Also what are the solutions from Aeternity over Ethereum and other blockchains? Does AE bring anything for gobal mass-adoption?

Ethereum does 2000+ transactions on-chain with sharding technology

Soul Ra
Ethereum does 2000+ transactions on-chain with sharding technology

Ethereum 2.0 will not be effectively capable of those thoroughputs until its Phase 2 is delivered which is beyond 2021. Big parts of it are still in research. There's a lot of time till then.

Objectively aeternity is definetely more scalable, and has more features than ethereum now.

Bit stuck in migration process. Can someone help me? After i fill in the migration token amount i am redirected to mew. But i get the u2f error. If i disconnect my ledger and connect it again and go in mew with ethereum app it works and i see the prefilled form i think. Is it normal i have to disconnect and connect using ethereum app? Can i just continue?

Should be noted in migration you will NEED ethereum to pay for the migration transactions

Compared with AE, we can find that none of the projects has experienced a 30-fold decline, and even ethereum has only experienced a hal50% fall after reaching the peak of 100, which indicates that these projects have not made any major mistakes in operational decisions, and the decline is caused by market factors.We have to admit that, so far, our investment in AE has been a failure. The mistakes of AE team are not limited to the excessive amount of mining, the slow ecological construction and the ignorance of the Chinese market. These combined factors led to the collapse of consensus and further price declines.Exchange malice, and the long development cycle of Erlang programs, are not the main factors. They're more like an excuse.The above, are the facts, but also the bad aspects, the good aspects

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If you want to check it, send me your migration Tx hash (on ethereum), in DM and I'll confirm the payload for you

This has nothing to do with what was said. people taking an Ntimes profit are also not holders because that means selling. so you make no sense.

So you mean users need to hold forever? No. Ethereum and other successful blockchain will not require this. If there is enough short time holders and there will be more users and longtime holders. Short time holders will be long term holders if they find AE useful. That is why bitcoin have more long term holders.

Once a a planned idea for AE (that got dropped apparently), Telegram is implementing:"TON Labs, a tech startup helmed by investors in Telegram’s token sale, is building a number of tools for developers to help them build on the new network. One of these tools will be a Solidity compiler, which will allow decentralized applications built for ethereum to also run on TON, said TON Labs CEO and managing partner Alexander Filatov."

I also argued/supported the case to attract Ethereum devs in this way. And I've suggested building API's [bridges] to intereact with other blockchains. And I got pushback because "why care about other blockchains we have aeternity blockchain".... meanwhile, some think blockchains can all work together and help each other maybe even in some altruistic way. I think seeing it as either one of those views is potentially losing (or far from optimal). But that balancing both is a higher chance of blockchain-usage success. .... Build for AE and create features that work [even help] other blockchains. Eventually, those devs of other blockchains will talk about... "Why not just build on AE, where we don't need 2nd and 3rd layer solutions!"

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ETH is about to be upgraded. Those apps are less likely to migrate to ae in the future

The ethereum upgrade soon, is just Phase 0 of ethereum’s monumental serenity update.

This phase 0 is the beacon chain only, and does not add any new features to ethereum.

Yeah well. pos was supposed to happen so long ago I don't believe eth anymore

Not blaming ethereum here. Those problems are really hard, if you want to do it right and not take shortcuts!

There is nothing about balance ...Just addressDerivation pathQr Code

Can you please send me in direct message your ethereum wallet PUBLIC address

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Looking forward to hard fork and bye bye to ethereum ae token

Great aeternity review by Block Coin News:

Like AE's ICO was Ethereum and Bitcoin paired via their website. This might be paired with BNB with UTU tokens... but for sure, UTU is on AE blockchain.

Imho most of the « real » & « useful » usecases for ethereum for example come from less than 10 dapps


looks like ethereum is quite interested in this

I tried posting a link to your Gecko page but it was automatically deleted .... anyways AE is described there as " Aeternity (AE) is a cryptocurrency token issued on the Ethereum platform" . So if it is not the case get in touch with them and fix it

Blockchain and cryptocurrency has been one of the most developed fintech segments in Liechtenstein, and undeniably, one of the country’s key area of focus.Yanislav Malahov, who was closely involved in the creation of Ethereum, has founded Aeternity, the first blockchain-based project in Liechtenstein with a market capitalization of over US$1 billion. Aeternity is a blockchain network which allows for hosting smart contracts and decentralized application (DApp) developments off the main network, making it run faster.Several other companies have also launched within the country, with services including cryptocurrency ATMs, exchanges, as well as blockchain and crypto advisory services.

Difference between ANT and smart-contract created tokens (Like ERC-20's on Ethereum), is that ANT's are first class objects on the chain with their own state tree.

On par with what ethereum has, which none of the other chains have

Yes they do seem to parallel all the tools ethereum has

In ethereum there are services..

we plan to provide an oracle for that soon

@marc0olo has anyone looked at randao or later VDF’s like Ethereum 2.0 & Filecoin are doing?

how can you front run that?
there are lots of article about that dilemma I think. here is a good article
Is it like ziliqa domains?

Yes like any blockchain domain names (ENS on ethereum comes to mind here)

Yess. Please safeguard your private keys and wait for instructions by the team

Hello Nas, my tokens are still on ethereum network. So we still wait for your instructions, nothing to do for the moment right?

Yeah some people don't. In the case of ethereum most don't like it because of the limitations of it's implementation

Whyarewehere 🦊FxD🦊
I agree, forgot that we are still waiting for that. This is made made etherium take off so need this sooner rather than later.

We are talking about different stuff here. Ethereum doesn’t have native tokens.The ERC20 standard is a specification that requires to be implemented in a smart contract.The planned native tokens on aeternity will be integrated in the core protocol and could thus also be transfered into state channels.This is sth I am really looking forward to.

There are not many people concerned about it. There are many Chinese people, and what about European Ethereum

In essence what is the « real » difference between 1 miner having a majority hashrate like on ae, or if 3-4 have that majority like on Bitcoin & Ethereum.

So development on the blockchain, which is good but no more developing the blockchain?

AE will continue to improve. This is the purpose of BRI (a slice of mining rewards used by AE for development on protocol etc..). Also, AE is a member of IC3. This is leading research in blockchain. They will implement improvements that are tested and cutting edge if they are useful (e.g. AE implemented BitcoinNG into the overall consensus algo — thus a blockchain eight to ten times faster than Ethereum), and the community will vote on new upgrades/changes because it has governance built into it.

This might be interesting to read... why this entity chose to move from Ethereum to another smart contract platform (Tezos in this case). ^

Sorry to be sectarian a bit on you guys but i gotta say, you are so far ahead of Ethereum Classic, it's not even funny. Their documentation is what, 1.5 years old? Meanwhile aeternity is joining the likes of Cardano, Komodo and Tezos having exceptional developer resources. At this point the only thing that might justify ETC being above Aeternity is proof of work. Just an idea. But the development is far ahead in this camp i observe.

Even though AE may be ahead of ETH technologically - for now. It seems that ETH has compensation being accepted more... but I think a big deal is the stable token on Ethereum are a pretty big deal. Despite having some features and PoW TX rate, AE is behind maybe a year in development in that technical regard.

Is weidex already in use? I see that the transaction volume of all tokens is still 0, when will it start to be used?

Currently we are focused on JellySwap - cross-chain atomic swap protocol.WeiDex is a dex build on top of Ethereum. It does not support AE for now

3 WeiDex - decentralized exchange with order book based on Ethereum, we want to support more networksThe problem is that if we support AE we need some tokens on AE as well WeiDex supports only one blockhcain trading So it will be AE/AEToken1, AE/AEtoken2 etc.

if you own the private key of the Ethereum wallet where your ERC-20 tokens are stored you are fine ;-)