Hey , interesting perspective on cryptocurrency . However , please note that inflation could provide a stimulus for spending . If , as in the case of Bitcoin , the total supply is fixed , the asset ( bitcoin ) becomes more of a store of value ( hodling ) than a currency . The primary question here being-why should I use this asset in this decentralized application if tomorrow that asset is worth more ? Cyrptocurrencies exhibiting features of money , shares , and commodities . However , these different assets perform different functions in an economy . Mixing them in a single asset creates a challenge @Nass This value should be determined by the market, why should be stimulated by inflation, the original intention of the development of aetity is to stabilize the currency, such as the United States dollar. Can you explain it?

Aeternity trade also live with USD and BTC in TradeKainos- Java Based Secured Token & Cryptocurrency Exchanger


Woohoo! Happy birthday to the first cryptocurrency! Love the cake ❤️

Check out this detailed article on aeternity:

Do the developers actually realize that it's ridiculous that the only way to securely store ae at the moment is by having, not only one phone, which was already ridiculous, but TWO phones (airgap vault/wallet)? Is this a serious cryptocurrency or what? Months of delay and you haven't been able to create a pc client? And what about the base aepp, which rn is just a horrible web app? You haven't even been able to publish the actual standalone ae app?

Is there any exchanges, where I can buy\sell AE (not rc-20 tokens) ?

There will be no deadline to exchange AE tokens for AE cryptocurrency. However, after September 2, 2019, 19:56:09 UTC users will not be able to do anything else with their ERC20 AE tokens, other than exchanging them for AE cryptocurrency.

(Blockchain has some uniqe usecases too, but too small compared to usecases of currency. And if the cryptocurrency fail, the public blockchain will fail too.)

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#aeternity wants to enable its users to easily vote on what the future of the #platform should be 🙂Vlad explores the question of #governance and explains how æternity aims at a pure #LiquidDemocracy with a smooth vote delegation!Learn more here:

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And they bought a music decoder for $20M!!!!!
Sorry just checked and it was a $23M music decoder 😜

As long as BTC falls, the value of any cryptocurrency is zero

Here's the fourth and last winning essay coming from the Æ community 🙂 Felix argues that the only way for blockchain to go mainstream is through wider cryptocurrency adoption! And proves that æternity's user-friendly wallets are the way to do it:

it is said that Facebook is designing their own Cryptocurrency.maybe ae team can help them.

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That would be illegal in Europe

Illegal to pay salary with cryptocurrency? interesting

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We don't discuss prices here, but what you are showing me is basically the chart for any cryptocurrency

what do you guys think about facebook's cryptocurrency ?

How does this compare to Apollo? Apollo Currency has sharding, a 1-2 second transaction speed. It is also the most feature rich cryptocurrency.

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no one put a gun to anyone's head and made them buy AE at $4. I love AE... I didn't buy at $4. I didn't buy at $1.

I bought some AE too, I know it is my own fault to believe AE. AE turn out not good at running a cryptocurrency. AE is just good at boating and all-in technology.

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Calibra | Digital Wallet for Libra Cryptocurrency ♎️♎️♎️

I tried posting a link to your Gecko page but it was automatically deleted .... anyways AE is described there as " Aeternity (AE) is a cryptocurrency token issued on the Ethereum platform" . So if it is not the case get in touch with them and fix it

Blockchain and cryptocurrency has been one of the most developed fintech segments in Liechtenstein, and undeniably, one of the country’s key area of focus.Yanislav Malahov, who was closely involved in the creation of Ethereum, has founded Aeternity, the first blockchain-based project in Liechtenstein with a market capitalization of over US$1 billion. Aeternity is a blockchain network which allows for hosting smart contracts and decentralized application (DApp) developments off the main network, making it run faster.Several other companies have also launched within the country, with services including cryptocurrency ATMs, exchanges, as well as blockchain and crypto advisory services.

Hey guys, We have documented a few of the project developments in the aeternity space this is one of the first projects we released! more coming soon! Let's decentralize everything...?Watch Tito Titov, CEO at WeiDex, share with the Caribbean Blockchain Network his view on decentralized exchanges, decentralized assets and smart contract enabling blockchain solutions.This is the first of many short interviews recorded by active Caribbean Blockchain Network nodes at æternity Universe One conference in Prague, Czech Republic#CaribbeanBlockchainNetwork #prague #blockchain #caribbean #cryptocurrencyLike, comment, subscribe & share!

I said to find someone to play with me in cryptocurrency.

What is the URL to go to the mainnet?
Aeternity is a fully independent cryptocurrency with its own nodes, miners and applications build on top of it.You can start exploring the Aeternity ecosystem here:
A #blockchain developers perspective!Milen Radkov, the Founder of Hack and a European Commission Blockchain Expert, shares with the Caribbean Blockchain Network his steps into smart contract programming and his journey into the æternity blockchain ecosystem.In addition, Milen talks a bit about his values and explains how #statechannels work on æternity. He also tells us what about blockchain technology fascinates him the most.This is the last interview recorded by active Caribbean Blockchain Network nodes: Fernando Trouw and Ruben Russel @ æternity Universe One conference in #Prague, Czech Republic.What fascinates you about blockchain technology? Share with us your thoughts in the comments!Remember to Like, subscribe & share!#crypto #cryptocurrency
Have you wondered what's the difference between the #legal and the #tax perspectives on a #cryptocurrency?Matthias Langer was at #aeUni to explain the legal nuances of a #token, whether it's a payment, a utility, or a security one. Watch his talk:
Have you wondered what's the difference between the #legal and the #tax perspectives on a #cryptocurrency?Matthias Langer was at #aeUni to explain the legal nuances of a #token, whether it's a payment, a utility, or a security. Watch his talk:

BTC is enough to fight government-generated inflation. However, to make cryptocurrency an irreversible trend, a cryptocurrency suitable for mircropayment is needed.

Hello Ivan and Vlad. What is the payment system / cryptocurrency towards the freelancers? And why did you choose that option?

Crayon Dan
Can you put me through please

Yeah.. Are you new to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology?