Milen Radkov is the developer behind æternity's browser extension wællet! Listen to the interview below to find out how Milen got into blockchain and founded Hack.

Excerpt: "At its current adoption rate, cryptocurrencies are running parallel to the internet during its early years, the report reads. Should this continue, there could be more than 200 million blockchain wallets by 2030, up from the 50 million in 2020."

Hi, everyone. 😉 Who would be interested in participating in a Project to create a stablecoin on aeternity Blockchain? 🎉🎊🚀🙌🏼
James Ko
Not sure.. I'm thinking there's one that Airgap is using because it's been down at the same time, I think. ... isn't there one that the AE team has running on a server somewhere?

I know we (official middleware and my mongodb version) have been adding checks for many of those cases. mine supports multiple sources, can revert to a previous block in case of jittery transactions, a d will restart in several cases. Official one double checks the blockchain with 100 blocks difference and can catch several lock states. The tip bot is even able to recognize if the middleware is stopped and tell you about it

RT @aeternityame: 🔜 #Meetup📌 Æternity Blockchain for Beginners🔗
On February 26 , 6 p.m. we organized a DeFi Event together with the University of Alicante and there will be a 40-mn workshop on the aeternity blockchain, applied to finance.Workshop Content:• 20 min Introduction Blockchain (Bitcoin) and its most common uses(finance, government, voting, supply chain, copyright, ...).• 20 min Different uses of Blockchain technology in finance.(Lending, Sanving, Payments, Assets, Derivates, International Commercefor Companies, Escrow, others).• 10 min Presentation of the DeFi Laboratory (Decentralized Finance).• 40 min Case study: Use of the Aeternity blockchain in finance.

"Use of Blockchain technology in finance: DeFi-Decentralized Finance". By Arturo Pérez Seoane and Guillermo Abellán.

Hi! What is the transaction size limit / gas limit per TX in the AEternity blockchain?

Does the final version white paper of aeternity blockchain in English come out?

And here is another general discussion on aens

Is there some ideas with Aeternity about 2 layers?did all of the projects driving by aeventure establish on the Aeternity blockchain?

I have some aeternity on erc20 blockchain how i can sell them or swap on bip?

Hey this is Justin, am New in This Community, am a beginner in Blockchain technology & Chryptocurrency, probably I would to IDE name required to start developing a software applications based on Blochchain technology

Whyarewehere 🦊FxD🦊
Well, that does not help either does it. And the fact that we are talking together with the team refusing to reply maybe means they dont want any open vote on anything...

I don't really have much confidence in the governance aspect... at least in terms of how it affects the path forward for AE blockchain. A vote can happen, but you can't force anyone to make code changes.

Whyarewehere 🦊FxD🦊
Scrolled the forums this morning, nothing about the vote since last year.

I think the voting will be more of a feature for people with aepps or whatnot built on AE blockchain... kinda like the liquid democracy is planning to use it.

Josh T-H
Stablecoin is a good idea. But it is hard when we barely have tokens of any kind. I'm not sure if we should be chasing eth features or focusing more on state channels and carving out a niche. Preferably all of the above

A stablecoin isn't really an ETH feature.... it's more akin to a token built by a third party. And it is ALREADY needed by business that want to use AE blockchain... read that forum link I posted above. some love for UTU and RideSafe in Disrupt Africa!
More great coverage!!
Here's how to build a simple voting æpp in Sophia. Check out the tutorial below to get a deeper understanding of æternity blockchain's smart contract language:

Ashish Chawla has held three meetings during the Future blockchain Summit (Future Blockchain Summit) in Dubai to communicate with local government officials from the national health, aviation and immigration departments. Dubai hopes to implement blockchain technology by 2021 and transfer all visa applications and other government transactions to blockchain. Dubai will be the perfect market for the development of Aeternity scalable blockchain platform.