The REPL for Sophia has been released! Please check it out here: will be very thankful for any feedback, especially bug reports, suggestions and overall opinions :)

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Any tips on how to approach the market in it's current state? The corona virus seems to be taking it's toll across all markets..

Natalie Winstanley
Any tips on how to approach the market in it's current state? The corona virus seems to be taking it's toll across all markets..

Yeah, it's not looking too good for the average investor. My team focuses on early stage entry (private sales) into upcoming IEO/STO's - it's the most viable approach to the market from what i've seen so far.

Hi admin! Could you please help me contact someone with a listing offer for your coin? That would be very kind of you.

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someone tell me what is superhero?like steem?

someone tell me what is superhero?like steem?

Superhero is a fully P2P social money network through which users can tip any URL.

@kryztoval can you clean up the shillers and spam, thanks sir

Natalie, lawson and mila are all here to scam

Ok cleaned. If they do scammy things I'll delete them

Seems like we have a new crypto winter now and all my friends and I start holding for a long period. Even Tron Network with its gambling platforms is losing a lot. For me, this is the biggest problem right now because I like to gamble and get profit. I tried to find new transparent platforms for playing and found Lottonation. That is a strange decision for me to create a lotto, but maybe it will be interactive while we are suffering from coronavirus and should stay at home for a long time. How are you chilling, guys? And do you know any other platforms to play on like Lottonation?

Whyarewehere 🦊FxD🦊
Why all the spam today 😳😂

People are likely caring less and either willing to risk more or disregard the price of the coin or want a quick profit, so it is a perfect time for scammers right now. But normal recomendations apply.

Hello everyone, I have made an aeternity API framework which is convenient for developers to quickly implement the development function of aepp based on ae blockchain. If you want to do aepp quickly, you can choose AEASY. Aeasy USES standard OAUTH2 authentication and payment.

Hey, wanted to buy large amount of AE, i can pay more than market price. PM me price offers.


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What’s wrong?

Well, people come in trying to scam, spam, or just plainly insulting in this channel 😔 So I'm just angry all the time, I'm like the hulk, but a lot more cute.

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