Hello, do you have any news for the migrations of tokens not transferred before September? Thanks

Giuly no spam, no scam, no yelling. #warning


Thank you very much

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Domain name expired and became invalid?

No one here can answer the technical questions?

Maybe someone can, not sure. I cant as i have not tried the domain name. But i do know that someone on the forum can.

Domain name expired and became invalid?
You need to make a new auction for the name if you didn't extend it in time. You can extend .chain names from Base æpp or Wællet browser extension.https://forum.aeternity.com/t/how-to-extend-a-name-within-the-base-aepp-wallet/5832/7
Sophia workshop at ORT university in Montevideo today with @omar_saadoun 🇺🇾https://twitter.com/aeternityame/status/1227582648027099136
No one here can answer the technical questions?

I don't go to the grocery store to ask what is wrong with my foot, sure they can answer a medical question, but doctors are not at the grocery store. And AE developers hang out in the forums, not on this chat. Please kindly refer your question to the forum.

Domain name expired and became invalid?

Can be re-registered - and I'm with Kryztoval here, please ask in the forum, thats better and also helps other people with the same question.

probably, yeah O_O

Thats why that lady gave me a funny look when i took off my shoe 😱

Most likely that's why, specially if you tried to refresh your feet on the lettuce box 🙄

We have the jelly and the jaem (, looks like some good development education is going on there)

Hi guys, is there any ae roadmap in 2020?

Officially the planned road map included everything to the last fork. everything after that is community derived



Is there some ideas with Aeternity about 2 layers?did all of the projects driving by aeventure establish on the Aeternity blockchain?

How much did ae cut