We are heading towards $6.. Mark my words !

Muhammad Waqqas
We are heading towards $6.. Mark my words !

This is a non-price discussion group. The AE trader group is a good place to talk price

The idea is to keep focused here on tech, news, broader aecosystem. Price speculation can derail that sometimes

Hello) how are you ?

Any ETA or news on airdrop? I know it's not going on yet

Can the anes renewal be set to automatic deduction?

Shitsuke Ramirez
Does Ae have its own browser?

Check out waellet, similar to metamask but for Aeternity network

How many applications can be launched in 2020?

I sent the coin to the Huobi market. It's been 5 minutes but still not confirmed

I sent the coin to the Huobi market. It's been 5 minutes but still not confirmed

every exchange will set their own confirmation requirements, you can find the number they require and when can be okay

Hi~ Is there any admin/community manager present?


Think its best to ask on the forum pages i sent you yesterday

Did Marion Vogel resign for the CMO of Aeternity?

And who is the new one?

Joe Thompson
And who is the new one?

No idea, i think they advertised the position so maybe not filled yet.

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Btc is skyrocketing so nice

Marion was not a CMO. There is an open CMO position currently.

Hello everyone, welcome to the community. This is a tech discussion group on aeternity.Check this getting started guide to get up to speed with the project:https://blog.aeternity.com/%C3%A6ternity-getting-started-resources-95764450e204

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Hello there...is anyone willing to support charity donation to Australia?

There are 50+ AENS names will be expired in the next week: https://www.aeknow.org/aens/expiring
Jimmy Newman
Dm me for more info

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