u should be able to customize the join url to a more friendly one

yeah it kinda pops up in random channels. even in Chinese magazines. super exciting!

Hello fellow blockchain headz!

just listened to an epicenter podcast about smart contracts in enclaves, sounds likewhat we accomplish with state channels, but they do it more expensive. http://cornell.flintbox.com/public/project/30608/. Anyone heard of “Town Crier Data Feed?”

Yes its built, university project. As i understand they need a hardware Oracle to guarantee verification and privacy, like we do in state channels. But i only listened to the epicenter podcast, didn't read the paper. Sounds worth checking out though!

Data that is cryptographically verified in order to use it in oracles or smart contracts yes!

Then all data everywhere can be faulty

As it always comes from a server?

Not an oracle like ours.

Authenticated Data Feeds for Smart Contracts. These 'Town Crier' feeds would act as bridges between smart contracts and websites, srapping data over TLS and feeding to to a smart contract. Relying on sophisticated hardware enclave technology (Intel SGX), one who uses a Town Crier feed would not need to trust its operator as code execution would be guaranteed signed by the hardware.

It reads similar to what an oracle does. It is another kind of oracle. A hardware one. All I'm trying to point out is there are different kind of oracles. And we all might learn from one another without assessing which on is absolutely better, but trying to figure out what fits best for an individual area of application.

Integrating and evolving together (:

FSB can crack anything they want, they almost have unlimited funds.

for trading insider tipps, secrets and illegal stuff one shouldnt use Telegram i guess. To relay information and discussion that are open to everyone anyways, telegram is ok to use.

rocketchat should scale and get the mobile bugs fixed :D

remember these old school pagers back then? I've heard they are the only way for communicating with 100% privacy, other than whispering in each others ear ;)

take your pick ^^

it's not like there are secrets on here Yani, it's a community chat

how did you find out about aeternity?

Hmm someone linked the article about the grandpa of ethereum

Lipo Po feel free to share this chat with your friends who may be interested

team is working on a bounty program in preparation for the token sale

Hahaha the grandpa 😂

here is the original blogpost from our grandpa aka godfather aka person that has been engaged in other cool projects as well 😊

rawgeL (Ams)
wht u need frm it!? :))

what I need from it? nothing in particular :) wanted to point it out as another project where our godfather/grandfather/whatsoever aka Yani was engaged with :)) whats the status of it? you know?