Hello everyone, this is an opportunity to learn more on blockchain development. Join the æternity team worldwide tomorrow at 04:00 PM CEST.Developer Track(Using Quarantine to Become a Blockchain Developer) Agenda16:15-16:45 CESTIntro to Sophia Smart Contract Development16:45-17:15 CESTSmart contract development using the aepp-sdk-java7:15-17:45 CESTTracking your donation to the street children with blockchain - A smart contract use case for TanzaniaRSVP now at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/superhero-league-leadership-in-time-of-self-isolation-and-turbulence-tickets-101703317360
You can just find aeternity in trust wallet.

Hi sir is there any vacant position as CM in your community ? I work as CM and same time assistant manager for 1 year. Hope to hear from you

Guys can someone help me get started with this coin please

Where do I buy this coin? Where do I store it? What's the exact total supply. No additional coins? What's the future to do list and projects

Am trying so much to understand the project so I buy some

苹果日历代发 无限量发送 资源实时更新 全行业可上

Daniel Leinad
Am trying so much to understand the project so I buy some
Hey, Daniel, find a collection of resources here: https://blog.aeternity.com/%C3%A6ternity-getting-started-resources-95764450e204
Did you guys register for today's virtual gathering? The speakers list is amazing - https://bit.ly/2w8dsft

Hello, i need permission to add information about Aeternity in my blockchain book, who is the person where can i get it?

We are working to preserve privacy rights being taken from citizens around the globe during COVID-19.Fighting the horrible spread of a virus is pivotal… But organisations using apps that track and share personal data are a step in a dangerous direction and have implications beyond a disease.WeTrace and æternity advocates a solution where identifying data never leaves device: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6pPU06qGb-4&feature=youtu.be
Hello everyone!Join and watch the conference of Superhero league: Leadership During Self-Isolation and Turbulent Times: https://league.superhero.com/leadershipand Developer Track Topic: Using Quarantine to Become a Blockchain Developer: https://league.superhero.com/developersTurn on your mic/camera, join us and ask your question!

Which room name ?

I am registered in eventbride, downloaded the app ...

please join with the provided links

We are on at the links provided above - join us

Happening NOW: 90+ people from all over the globe stepping up to openly discuss best practices in turbulent times. Join in: https://league.superhero.com/leadership

"Leadership during Crisis: Put one foot on solid territory and move the other to change direction to see where to go... Adaptive movement" - Gonzalo Sobral

"Leaders have to say, 'I am learning'... They need to be more agile... More innovative. How do we transfer to the digital world more in this new world?' Çağla Gül Şenkardeş

AES stablecoin is here! Finally a useful token on AE. Progress! Next I would like to see it swappable on jelly with state channels. That's a bit harder but would be great for bot trading and liquidityhttps://youtu.be/U0prlALZoGY